My Favorite Art Brush Cleaner

My Favorite Art Brush Cleaner

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get in the zone painting and forget to put one of my brushes in water fast enough or keep it in the water too long before actually washing it, and boom. Another brush bites the dust.

If I do manage to save my brush after this it's never the same and I end up having to buy a new one way faster than I expected.
Honestly, even when I did everything right, conventional ways of washing my brushes never got them as clean as I wanted and they lost their softness or intended structure so much faster. That is until I learned about this crazy brush cleaner/conditioner about 2 years ago. It literally changed my life... well my brush use life at least.
Now, I use this cleaner after I finish every art painting session and it has saved so many brushes. It helps keep them so much nicer and cleaner as a whole and I don't have to rebuy brushes nearly as often. It's even saved some brushes I left out too long. This stuff is brush magic (in my humble opinion)!

How I Use This Cleaner to Wash My Brushes

Here's a short video on the process. I prefer the 24 oz. tub like the one you see in this video because you can really swirl the brushes around and get some good lather in the bristles.

Click here to check out this art brush cleaner for yourself!
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